“We are religion by force, not by choice.”

This line said by a stupid common man Nasruddin shah in Movie “A Wednesday”.

What do you think he is right or not ????

If every Indian will understand this then we can take a breath of peace.

Respect every Religion.

My favorite movie in Bollywood is “A Wednesday” and “Rang de Basanti” genuinely performed by Amir Khan. That was the slap to every politician of India. Government has to show these movies in parliament of India. I can confidently say that next day morning everyone will work hard for our country, if they are human. The person who is not aware about Indian politics, he has to see these movies. He will understand that why we are one step back.

But Today’s politicians are not like that. P. Chidambaram, Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi are really very Talented, They are deserve the job, they are doing. I hope that they will bring India to the front of the entire world.

“Jay Hind”